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Bandaloni is an amazing, 100% live musical one-man band show of the highest professional caliber that is good fun and entertaining for people of all ages.

A One Man Band? That means guitar, harmonica and singing plus a kick drum, high-hat, snare drum, tambourine, even live harmonies…all performed at the same time! Bandaloni has rediscovered this old tradition and by means of present day technologies, infused it with a modern makeover.

Bandaloni’s forte is ground level performances executed on his eye popping, highly customized sound system which Bandaloni refers to as his ‘Grandfathers Ipod’ or ‘the Granpawd’. It is fully battery operated, wireless and self contained which gives him the ability to perform literally anywhere.
Bandaloni’ draws from a century deep well of classic songs, spanning all musical genres with an emphasis on Rock & Roll and Country.
The show also involves lots of audience participation combined with humor and astounding novelty tricks executed on his custom made guitar and drum rig.

Bandaloni has been entertaining fair, sports and corporate audiences throughout Canada and the United States for over 12 years. He also made a special guest appearance on a live broadcast of ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2006.

As Bandaloni charges into his set, the audience is thrilled and amazed at the variety of music he can create. Drawing from a deep well of over hundred songs, the multi-instrumentalist enthralls the rapidly growing crowd with folk and country classics, radio favorites, and even some contemporary hits.

One can see why Bandaloni is a well loved musical performer across Canada and the States.