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Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow

The first of two related Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow productions bears no official name, but is affectionately referred to by its performers as “The Best of Both Worlds”. It is a Cabaret style presentation of non-stop Circus and Sideshow feats, Dance, Burlesque, Theater… and sometimes Free Beer! The acts featured in this show are as eclectic as this show’s musical accompanyment, a journey in itself, offering up a seamless collage of 1930’s Jazz crooning, 2 Penny Opera, Flamenco, Dub Step, Psychill, Irish Drinking Songs and Folk-Metal! It is as though the artists themselves wandered through a Faery Circle, out of their smokey speak-easys, musty theaters and dusty circus rings and onto a stage for you to discover.

The second Blue Mushroom production; “Away with the Faeries”, was written by István and was inspired by a Shpongle album and a passage from the 1923 book “The Mysteries of Psychic Science” which István read while training to swallow swords, over 20 years ago. In this long out-of-print treatese on “The Paranormal”, the researcher finds himself in the Far East observing a Fakir in the execution of his craft. Finding himself perplexed by the Fakir’s performance, the reseacher found himself questioning not only if these feats were possible, but if he’d in fact seen them at all; if the whole scene wasn’t some sort of “mass hallucination”inspired by something he ate. Away with the Faeries is István’s attempt to bring the audience to that point in time, to put the audience in the researcher’s shoes… and a few other places and times along the winding road of this creation…

This enchanting, dark Faery Tale is about time and its ravages on ancient arts and traditions. It’s about growing old while staying young at heart and never losing your sense of wonder. It’s about adventure, mysteries, legend and superstition. It’s about the friends you make in your travels that keep you safe in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s about becoming lost in the music, a tall-tale or a day-dream. It’s about returning home from abroad to be shaken out of a melancholy daydream by a loved one. It’s about the tall tales of travels one tells, that one never knows to believe or dismiss. It is an old time traveling circus set in a modern day faery tale.

Through the character of “Levi”; (yes, our intrepid Strongman has found himself as the rather unlikely protagonist in this Faery Tale), and his travelling companion; Etidorhpa, the audience is transported through the Faery Circle and to various times, places and alternate realities. From the mysterious Far East to caves on the Tassili Plateau, to a carnival in the 1930’s and various other destinations in Levi’s voyage, the cast of Thirteen World-Class Performers will guide you on your own voyage through the Faery Circle. So friend, take a seat at the edge of our fire, as you are brought to a world of magic, mysticism, superstition and ineffable mysteries.