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BubbleMania – Doug

From Syracuse, NY, USA.

Doug likes to say “Bubbles made fresh since 1991!”. He also coined the phrase: “Soap bubbles bigger than your head”

Presenting swing music and bubble manipulations, Doug makes his show fantastic with wit and a gentle/goofy way with kids of all ages. His professionalism on and off stage has kept BubbleMania! in high demand year after year with repeat performances at tons of venues.

Doug’s a graduate of The University of Buffalo and The Ringling’s Bros. Clown College, garnering him 2 years of clowning with The Greatest Show On Earth. His other stage skills include juggling, mime and lots of “real theatre” gigs as actor and director. His talents have taken him to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, and 41 of the 50 States. He has performed with touring theatres, circuses, symphony orchestras, an opera company and has made bubbles with me on the roof of the Arc D’Triumph in Paris.

“All Doug Rougeux needs to amuse a crowd of kids is some bubble soap and a wand” – Syracuse Post-Standard