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Marc Charron Music

A regular in the Ottawa music festival scene and beyond, Marc Charron has been playing upbeat folk/blues/rock for over a decade. While Marc plays, all four of his limbs are on the job. Not only is he singing and playing acoustic guitar, but he is also playing the drums with his feet (kick drum on the right and snare or high hat on the left). Apart from the obvious multi-instrumental talent he has, he adds a warm presence that draws in and captivates his audience. Marc is available for festival bookings, fairs, corporate events and private events. Please contact the Orbital Talent office for more information.

Please note that Marc is also part of a duo band called the Jaymarcs.  The Jaymarcs are a combined effort of two Ottawa based musicians. Marc Charron (drummer, guitarist and vocals) and Jason Leen (bassist, vocals). They are an emerging original and cover duo with years of performance experience. Please contact the office for more information.