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Jon-E Shakka – Dancer / Musician / Choreographer

“Jon – E – Shakka is a Canada based self-taught musician and dancer who plays and dances in his own unique style. This native of the Asant Tribe in Ghana, West Africa has entertained audiences alongside some of the biggest names to come out of Canada, like the Bare Naked Ladies, Alanis Morisette and Celine Dion.

In 1984, Jon-E & his brother, Eugene, released their first single, entitled: “SHAKE YOUR PANTS”, on Sizzle Records. The track hit “Top 40”, in both Montreal and Mexico! Jon-E has been writing lyrics & composing music since 1972, with over 200 original songs. His original Music is used in all of his Shows & Dance Classes, resulting in a totally unique and innovative style. His music is best described as African-influenced, eclectic, funk-rock-hip-hop, mixed with 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 21st century rhythms.

JON-E-SHAKKA, began his dancing debut in 1974, when he joined the “The electrifying Shakka Dancers”, winning many Dance Awards and appearing regularly on a variety of TV Shows, including the role as Lead Dancer on “FEEL LIKE DANCIN'” (Montreal).

You might recognize Jon-E from his numerous appearances at festivals around the Ottawa area, and his performances at big sporting events for the Ottawa Senators, and the 67’s.

A dance teacher, an award winning dancer and choreographer, and an all round great guy – Jon-E Shakka is guaranteed to get your crowd grooving clapping and cheering at your next event.