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Vinyl Burns

Vinyl Burns is all about the ladies, and the performance. He’s all about the music and all about the glamour. He brings a little more than he takes, and he takes a LOT. You can google him and find him all over the place.

A hit in 1972 Las Vegas, Vinyl’s show business career has since dwindled but his enthusiasm hasn’t. Vinyl has relocated his international playboy lifestyle to New Zealand so now you have the privilege of his effervescent company.

Vinyl is not quite the icon he believes himself to be (but don’t let him know!), his style and grace need a bit of polishing, but his charm is still top notch.

The Vinyl Burns experience features comedy, improvisation, slapstick stunts and the lovable character ‘Vinyl Burns’

“The wonderfully quirky character Vinyl Burns stimulated the WOW pre-show audience with fun and an enormous sense of humour. They weren’t sure whether he was one of them or an entertainer – it was fantastic” – Gabrielle Hervey, World of WearableArt