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Byron Bertram

Born and Raised in Vancouver to an artistic background. His father a musician, his Mother an artist, his Grandfather was the famous late painter and “Order of Canada” recipient Toni Onley, and his Great Grandfather Jim Onley, was a well known stage actor in the UK in the 30’s and 40’s before emigrating the family to Canada in 1948.

An only child with undying need to be the center of attention and in the limelight along with the creative DNA he was born with, He started his a career as a street entertainer at the age of 16, which was inspired after learning how to juggle in a summer school for the performing arts program. His well received comedy, escape, juggling show under his stage name “Byron from England” was a massive success from festivals, and fairs to public streets squares in over a dozen countries.

In 2002 he became a full time stand up comedian. His high energy, truthful and observational style mixed with natural talent for voices, accents, and impressions make him a favorite headliner in his home country of Canada, as well as in The US, UK, and Australia. He has worked with the likes of Zack Galifinakis, Jamie Kennedy, Colin Mochrie, Flight of the Concords been featured on XM Radio and received rave reviews from press, peers and punters alike.

On television you may have seen him play such diverse roles as a prison guard on Alcatraz to the notoriously funny infamous whiny husband “Pam can you call my mom?” on the NyQuil Commercial.