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Carl “The Mighty Leviticus”

Carl “The Mighty Leviticus” is a shining example of the multitude of stories that can surround one artist. The Strongman’s true pedigree is still a mystery, though in my opinion, he resembles a Danish Raider known only by Kjarl. Rumored to have been found on a mid-way by István, other elaborations say he was captured in the jungles of darkest Afrika, still other stories tell that “Levi” was a sailor who after having sailed the seven seas many times over, his thirst for adventure led him to abandon the sea in search of what lay the end of the horizon.

There is an abundance of photographic material, found by various internauts, as well as from the archives of collectors, which would seem to place Leviticus, anachronistically in various shows in the past. There are photos of the Strongman on the midway in a prominent 1930’s mud-show named Carnivále Lune Bleue; there are glass negatives that place him as an attraction with a Victorian era sideshow, or perhaps it was a dime-museum. The name of that show was lost to history, the only known details are that it was a wonderful show in its hay-day, but it is said that the show lost its appeal with its inheritance by the original founder’s nincompoop Grandson. One collector has claimed to possess a photo of “The Mighty Leviticus” and the famous Strongman, the Great Louis Cyr arm wrestling. The collector has however declined to part with it, or even produce it for verification for that matter.

Carl is Also part of Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow