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Chalkmaster Dave

Since the 16th century, when the first street artists began delighting the public with their creative imagery, entertainers have traveled rom festival to festival drawing pictures in the town squares to delight the townsfolk and support their art with a few stray coins.  Today, you can attend festivals celebrating this type of art all around the world, never seeing the same performance twice. The modern form is 3D Chalk Art, also known as 3D Sidewalk Art. One of the biggest attractions of chalk art is that it is as much about the excitement of performance as it is the final piece.

Dave has been from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts of Canada performing at festivals, even traveling internationally to exhibit his art. You may have seen him at the Ottawa International Buskerfest, Halifax International Busker Festival, St.John’s Busker Festival, Just For Laughs, Singapore Street Festival, or Norway’s PITT Festival. Among his awards are the People’s Choice Best Artist in Halifax, P.E.I., Toronto and Masseys International Street Art Competition.