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Checkerboard Guy

Unexpected enthusiasm and engagement. That’s what’ll stop you in your tracks as you walk up to one of The Checkerboard Guy’s performances, that and wanting to find out what everyone else is laughing so much about.

There’s an anticipation, a palpable ‘what’s going to happen next’ in every aspect of how this comic daredevil delivers his material and this suspense drives a curiosity that audiences around the world have been drawn to for over three decades.

Three completely different comic daredevil finales provide an immense diversity of performance options. Be it juggling dangerous objects atop a giraffe unicycle, manipulating flaming torches while standing on a slack rope or executing daredevil jumps on a motor scooter, the objective is always the same – Laughter.

Part muppet, part stand-up comedian, part skillful circus performer, part live action cartoon character, this architect of guffaws, breaks down the performer audience barrier in a show that turns audiences volunteers into heros right before your very eyes and has everyone cheering.

It’s a knock down, roll around, bust a gut sort of spectacle that’ll leave audiences young and old clamouring for more and walking away repeating their favourite parts from the show over and over again.