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El Gleno Grande

Glenn Singer specializes in visual comedy using hilarious optical illusions, a dry delivery, and a warm conversational style. His spoof of a circus equestrian act will have your audience laughing again every time they think about it. Appeals to all ages, all around the world. Guaranteed to delight. Touring at major International
Festivals, Corporate Functions, and in Theatres, Schools, and Universities on six continents since 1983.

Glenn Singer was born in the year of Sputnik into the home of a rocket scientist, and subsequently raised by dwarves. No matter what humble circumstances he found himself in throughout his childhood, Glenn was never at a loss to use his inherited brain power to achieve small things in magnificent ways. Invited to leave private school on his first day in grade one, Singer embarked on a scholastic career that surprised no one. Having reached the age of consent with no convictions, Glenn decided to go into Theatre. On the way he was sidetracked by a street performance and it still shows.

Having performed for over 15 years on every continent except Antarctica (“it’s just a matter of time”) Glenn has secured a place for himself at the very bottom of the big time with engagements at such places as Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Universal Studios in Hollywood, and Ed’s Big Top in Hurricane. “I’ve always liked the circus. I loved the clowns, although I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the animals. So now I put on a real live wild animal act, only funnier.” This show could make cows laugh but for your convenience no livestock will be permitted
at todays showing.

“An incomparable act which will draw raves anywhere. I highly recommend him.” …Steve Hoefer, Universal City Walk, Hollywood CA

“Unique, captivating, and really, really funny. Truly I have never seen people laugh that hard!” …Erika Wollam, Nashville Summer Lights Festival

“A consistent and winning crowd pleaser, topping audience surveys as a favorite entertainment.” …Ted Killmer, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

“He brings such fun and originality to his show the crowd can do nothing but scream in helpless laughter.” …Edmonton Journal