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Ian Quick

Ian Quick is a fully bilingual, Ottawa area Magician, who has been performing magic for nearly twenty years. As a former lawyer, he figured if he was going to trick people, he may as well be honest about it!
Ian is a fast talker with amazing magical skills. He is an entertainer first and foremost, using magic in the most unpredictable ways to delight his audience. The powers of both psychological and physical illusion, combined with sometimes shocking humour, leaves an amazing impression that won’t soon fade. Ian has entertained thousands of people over twelve years, including major corporations such as Bell, the Bay and Compaq. Ian is also the co-author of the internationally acclaimed Highway to Success: The Entertainer’s Roadmap to Business which has been recognized by the magic industry as the definitive business guide to entertainment and is available for all types of events from community, corporate, festivals and for private functions.


Be sure to make a memorable impact! Treat your clients, employees, and prospects to an astonishing experience!


Perceived as one of the participants, Ian reads the crowd for just the right moment to intimately captivate and engage your guests. They watch the magic, up-close and personal, right in his hands. A witty, eccentric, and spontaneous conversationalist, Ian entices your guests to participate—not simply spectate Ian’s trademark magical style involves playful interaction with his audience.
“Ian engages the spectator on a personal level and captivates their attention with witty delight. He leads them to an astonishing, intense, and humorous culmination that reaches far beyond the wonder of the magic itself.” —M.C. Dufresne, Rev. Cda Agency
What bizarre events transpire to transform man into Magician? Discover them, first-hand! “Evolution of a Magician” is the feature act of the evening, deal for 100, 1,200, or 3,000 guests who are sure to be gratified. Ian pulls-out all the stops and fills the sense while teasing the mind….expect the unexpected.


“Ian Delivers Magical Marketing” – J Herman, Chapters Bookstores.
Trade shows
Store front promotions
Walkabout magic (cocktail hours)
Customer Appreciation days