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Junkyard Symphony

Junkyard Symphony originated in Ottawa, Canada in 1992, and in 2007 they created a second home base in Montreal, Quebec. Junkyard Symphony is an eco-entertainment company (eco standing for ecological and economical), that reuses junk to service all kinds of events for all ages. What do they do with all this junk?They do many things with junk but are best known for their amazing junk/percussion/comedy/circus shows. They also produce imaginative and innovative sports and games by reusing junk materials, have created several CD’s using junk for instruments, and are presently working on a children’s novel with a junk theme.

Junkyard Symphony strives to promote environmental health and awareness through educational and extraordinary entertainment by reusing old ordinary objects that would otherwise be sadly destined for the junkyard. But to Junkyard Symphony, however, these objects are terrific treasures that can be reused for an even greater purpose…. creating lots of big smiles. In the show, the performers are the conductors while the audience is the symphony so be prepared for a radical ride of rapid rhythms, awesome antics, clownish comedy, terrific tricks, magnificent magic, tons of talent, and plenty of participation!

Their family style show is perfect for community, schools, festivals and corporate events. It is suited to all ages
is as entertaining as it is educational. The show is generally performed as a duo, but trio or quartet shows are also
Junkyard Symphony has performed thousands of shows over the years. They have also performed in many countries around the globe such as Singapore, China, Britain, France, Macedonia, Croatia, U.S.A., and of course Canada. They have performed for important people such as the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of Singapore, The Governor of Jiangsu Province in China, and music celebrities such as the Tragically Hip, Sheryl Crow and Ziggy Marley. They have won first place in the Canadian Association of Exhibitions National Youth Talent Contest and they have been featured on many television programs such as CBC’s JONOVISION, CTV’s Home Grown Cafe and CTV’s Regional Contact.


Most of all they have spread smiles and their message to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rock to millions of people
around the world. Junkyard Jonny and Trashcan Tony make up the first Junkyard Symphony troupe and perform
over 10 versions of the show such as the Recycle Rock, the Science of Sound, Pirates of Percussion, the Daycare Duo, the Super Street Show and the Junk Pack, which consists of a show plus two rhythm workshops. Their home base is Ottawa, Ontario.