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Kimberley Dunn

Kimberley Dunn is an accomplished vocalist, classically trained pianist, flutist, and award-winning composer. Described as having the “Voice of an Angel”, Kimberley’s smooth enchanting vocals are often compared to those of Sarah McLachlan.
Best known for her moving tribute in honour of Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell, Kimberley’s “Ryan’s Song” touched the hearts of thousands throughout Canada and around the world. She has been featured on TV and radio, and in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. (CTV, CBC, CityTV, 98.1 CHFI, 100.7 CHIN, 105.3 KISS FM, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Cashbox).

Contemporary, Jazz and Classical Music
Kimberley has been captivating audiences for over 20 years with her elegantly styled jazz and contemporary covers. An exceptionally versatile performer, she offers vocals, piano and flute, and a wide range of music genres from pop, rock, folk, jazz and classical. She is a regular performer at the Brookstreet Hotel and at numerous weddings, galas and events throughout the city.

Kimberley Dunn Profile – Ottawa Singer & Pianist from Kimberley Dunn on Vimeo.

“Kim, you are absolutely amazing!!!!! What an honour it was for us to have you on board for our gala!!! I LOVED your music!!! We will take you again next year if you will come back! Thank you SO MUCH for your kind gesture! You’re fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Sharon House, Avant Garde Designs

“Kimberley Dunn is one of Ottawa’s most beautiful and talented performers. You MUST see her live….love that voice!!!” – Spencer Warren, Ottawa Children’s Gala

“You were fabulous tonight!” – Elizabeth Manley, Olympic Silver Medalist

Thanks again for the wonderful evening! So so many compliments! You music was SO well received – we just have to have you back! You really helped make our night a success! -Deborah Mallett, Chez Danby’s