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Family Illusion show Majinx

Hailed by critics, magicians and astounded audiences everywhere, Majinx is one of the most creative teams in the magic industry.

Through their artful presentations, the world of magic and illusion becomes one of grand spectacle and wonder. 35 years of experience in the magic business, has given this talented team the skills and resources to produced some of the most colourful and exciting illusion shows on the market.

From soft seat theatres to outdoor festivals to school gymnasiums,  MAJINX has a show that will satisfy all your needs.

“Watching your show is like going to Disney World!”   Etienne Vendette  (Montreal magician)

“The shows you presented on the Kids World Stage were spectacular and have left our own staff wondering how you do the incredible things that you do. We will be wanting you back next year for sure.” Linda Montanari Event Management for CNE.

“Majinx, very simply, delivers everything that a professional presenter wants. Furthermore they deliver it in a low maintenance, high performance fashion. They are always on time, on budget, perform a show that is to the highest standards of their genre and they are people who work with their presenters on everything revolving around the marketing of their show. Fantastic performers to work with!  ”  Glenn Sernyk  Producer for First Night Toronto.

“As far as family entertainment is concerned,  Majinx is one of the best shows on the market.  Shoppers Drug Mart is proud to be associated with MAJINX.”  Mike Feld   National Events Manager