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Monkey Rock Music

Monkey Rock Music‘s 45 minute show is 100% participatory – every song has kids and adults not just singing, but doing actions, dancing, and even playing instruments. They believe that kids want more than to just sit and watch them sing – they want to be part of the fun. The show features both traditional songs and new ones to learn – but all of them get the kids involved and rocking out! John King, lead performer with Monkey Rock, is a music educator – and an expert at engaging the kids.

Monkey Rock Music performs shows in schools, at corporate events, festivals and even private parties.

Do you want your kids and grownups rocking out at your next event? Then give us a call and ask for Monkey Rock.

“The way you captivate the children’s attention and your gift of music is such a talent and I am so grateful that Bella was in your class. ” – Nathalie