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Kevin Smith – Illusionist

Kevin Smith – Illusionist

Kevin Smith, who goes by the stage name “Mr. Smith,” is one of Ottawa’s most entertaining up and coming illusionists. His passion for magic shines through in every performance. He dazzles the mind and has his audience roll with laughter throughout his shows.

Kevin’s performances are a mixture of tricks, comedy, mentalism and mesmerizing illusions. His performance is versatile which makes him great at entertaining children, guests at restaurants and even engaging executives at after-dinner corporate events. Mr. Smith’s after dinner corporate show is getting rave reviews, and standing ovations.

Kevin‘s strolling magic show consists of performing close up magic with many laughs and surprises. Performing directly from his pockets, his show is completely mobile. He uses cards, coins, cups and balls, and even does some mind reading too. His close up show is great for all ages, it requires only minutes to set up, and he can perform for over 60 minutes without repeating a single trick!

In order to keep his audience constantly on their toes Kevin continues to research and learn new material for his performances. He is able to trick the mind and eyes while maintaining a happy, light, friendly, and thoroughly entertaining atmosphere, always adapted to his spectators.

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“I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that Kevin was fantastic! The kids really responded to him and, the adults got into the performance as well. He was wonderful and, we all really enjoyed him.”                                                       – Krista Aselford (Burnford Realty)

Kevin was just fantastic, it really was great to have him  so interactive and down to earth. I was expecting so much less than what we received. Everyone was really impressed. It was perfect. I would and will book Mr. Smith anytime possible and will be relaying this info to as many people as I can. Great, great job!”  – J.J N. (Operations Manager)

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